What Is WP Relaunch?

WP Relaunch starts with an evaluation of your website in preparation for speedy and amazing redesign. Because of a propriety process and a secret recipe of tricks and tools, if your site qualifies (that is, doesn’t have any special complications that make it unsuitable for this process) we can usually have your new website produced in about 48 hours. That beats the heck out of the long, arduous and stressful website redesign schedule that most companies offer.

Best of all, you only buy it if you like it! You get to see part of the work—usually the home page—before the real work begins. At that point, you decide if that’s for you or not. Oh, and after delivery we can still tweak it for you, for one round of revisions, if necessary—included in the fixed price. More significant changes would be charged at an hourly rate. Find out more about WP Relaunch and our other services and prices.