Do you want to get serious traction online?

1. Get their attention.

2. Tell an irresistible story.


Ray Katz co-founded his first Internet company in 1995, serving Fortune 500 companies.

Unlike most web marketers and developers, he has a nonstandard approach that can help YOU stand out. Going beyond just developing an effective website, he creates powerful images and messages that pack a wallop! Mr. Katz holds an MBA with a concentration in marketing.


Sure, Katz Internet develops websites. And crafting a powerful message is our focus.

But we also do the standard stuff you’d expect from a full-service agency. We develop, maintain, host and update websites. We optimize for speed and SEO.

We provide ongoing services and support and work hard to keep you ahead of the competition.


Flashy things are nice but telling a compelling story is better. When you tell a strong story, people listen with their guard down. They want to know what happens next. They want to know what it means for them.

When you are ready to engage, to tell your story better than it’s been told before, to captivate and capture new customers, it’s time to contact us.

Do the same thing as everybody else and you won’t stand out.
You must something different and better.